Sustainability & Diversity
Curriculum & Lifelong Learning
Depok City encourages the implementation of media arts curriculum in schools as the basis of cultivating media arts from an early age.

At the elementary level (SD): SD Global has implemented interactive learning of arts and culture using Canva and YouTube. TechnoNatura Madrasah implements a CASE-based learning method (Creative, Active, Systematic, Effective) and five project approaches: Engineering, Science, Social, Entrepreneurship, and Art design project.

At the Junior High School level (SMP): The teaching and learning process utilizes Canva, word wall, and YouTube. SMPN 1 and SMP Dian Dikdaktika use these in art classes to promote cultural arts performances and an art exhibition.

At the Senior High School (SMA/SMK) level: Fourty four SMKs in Depok City have Multimedia, Computer and Network Engineering, and Software Engineering curricula.

Informal education such as Bina Sarana Informatika incorporate media arts, multimedia, digital marketing, and graphic design into their curriculum.

Lifelong learning at vocational higher institutions provides courses in Multimedia Broadcasting, Creative Advertising, and Media Production. Informal institutions such as Polytechnic LP3I offer courses in multimedia, graphic design, digital marketing, and business digital study program.

One of the residency programs in media arts is implemented by Madrasah TechnoNatura, the only institution in Indonesia appointed by First Global Challenge US to organize a national robotic competition and robotic residency programs which have attracted participants from the Philippines and various cities in Indonesia.

In other fields, Studio Hanafi, which is a maestro of producing artists, became a residency for theatre, music, dance, and fine arts groups from various countries.

Sanggar Ayodya Pala organizes scholarships for artists from Singapore, Fiji, China, the Philippines, South Korea, Morocco, Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia. Sanggar Larasati holds residencies for Indian artists.