Creativity Ecosystem
The multicultural foundation of media arts has existed since 1967. The presence of the University of Indonesia, Gunadarma University, Veteran National Development University, and media arts start-up communities are crucial in the history of Depok City’s development as an inclusive, resilient, and sustainable city. Firstly, media arts help promote cultural diversity in Depok City (Alun-alun as an inclusive creation space) to encourage friendship (guyub), sharing (bebarengan), and synergy (rame-rame). Secondly, media arts can be a tool to educate and build awareness of the importance of disaster safety and resilience. For instance, a start-up creates an early warning system for disaster prevention and emergency response measures. Thirdly, media arts can be used to strengthen Depok as a sustainable city (e.g. Sepeda Kayuh, Badr Interactive) by raising environmental issues in daily life. Media arts can promote apps and video games illustrating local wisdom in natural resource management.