Creativity Ecosystem
Main Facilities & Cultural Spaces
Infrastuctures in Depok City support the dissemination of media arts and creative economic activities. First, the Incubation Center, content development, training and promotion: communities (Kode Creative Hub, Founder+, Rumah Cinta Wayang, Juanda Square, Sawangan Creative Space, Studio Hanafi, Rumah Keramik F Widayanto), higher education institutions (the University of Indonesia, Veteran National Development University, Gunadarma University, Jakarta State Polytechnic), secondary education with 44 Vocational High Schools majoring in Multimedia. Second, industry associations initiated by the Depok City Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI), Tangan Di Atas (TDA) Community, Junior Chamber Indonesia, Jagoan Wirausaha, Indonesian Muslimah Entrepreneurs Association, Indonesian Businesswomen Association, Regional National Craft Council. Third, Depok City Government prepares the Creative Center building and "Depok Open Space" to facilitate youths to channel and express their creativity.

Depok City collaborates with universities and the creative community to provide several locations accessible to all groups. For example, Depok City’s Creative labs and training rooms, such as at Kode Creative Hub and the Innovation Directorate and Science Techno Park of the University of Indonesia, provide a space for app and game developers to experiment and innovate. Depok City Square provides collaborative and creative spaces for children and youth. It also has coworking spaces (the University of Indonesia, Veteran National Development University and Rumah Teduh), Sawangan Creative Hub, Juanda Square, and sub-district parks. It provides an exhibition space and fine arts at Studio Hanafi. Digital library resources and learning materials on app and game development are available at Depok City Library, University of Indonesia, Veteran National Development University, and Gunadarma University. Depok City also provides a District Hall as a gathering place for female heads of households.

Depok City Square, with a capacity of 10,000 people used for various events, including fashion shows by the Depok Fashion Community, cultural festivals, and rock climbing by the Youth, Sports, Culture, and Tourism Office.

Depok City Hall with a capacity of 500 people is used for local, national and international conferences such as Regional-CES National Workshop in 2023, Historic Urban Landscape seminar in 2022, Dance Performance, collaboration between Larasati Depok Dance Studio and Mumbai in 2023.

Budi Utomo Ballroom-Hotel Bumi Wiyata, which has a capacity of 1. 500 people, is used for various craft and folk arts events, such as Batik Depok design in the form of clothes, bags, and others since 2019.

Depok Music Park with a capacity of 200 people is used for music and art performances; Jakarta Global University in Depok was used for Abang Mpok Depok competition in 2022 and other big events.