Initiatives & Policies
KODE Creative Hub - Hundred Helsinki in 2019 was an exploration of Depok's edutech startup collaboration with, a forum that brings together Edutech activists from around the world in a conference and awarding 100 Innovations. In 2021 activities take place online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Activities carried out was in the form of sharing knowledge and experiences.

KODE Creative Hub sent start-ups Igrow, BitebackInsect, and Kostoom to attend Startup Istanbul in 2019 as part of the digital industry players. They gained a lot of inspiration for the development of start-ups in Depok City.

Madrasah TechnoNatura has been working with FIRST Global Challenge in the US since 2017 until now in the field of robotics, where Madrasah TechnoNatura is the only institution licensed to hold robotics competitions in Indonesia. In 2019, it became a robotics mentor at MCC Academy in Chicago, US.