Initiatives & Policies
The first major project was the provision of free WiFi in all RW and public spaces in 2019. This program aims to provide internet access for the community by involving the government, communities, PT Ambhara Duta Shanti and PT Indonesia Comnet Plus, and Community Empowerment Institutions.

An Entrepreneurship Program in 2022 through start-up incubation and the creation of 5000 new entrepreneurs/start-ups and 1000 women entrepreneurs through training, mentoring, access to capital and marketing aims to reduce unemployment and poverty. It involves the government, business actors, academics (University of Indonesia), businesses and social institutions.

The Business Competition project in 2023, for students and the public, is a collaboration between the Depok City Government, Veteran National Development University and the Indonesian Ministry of Finance. The activities include generating business ideas in media arts and other creative economy fields, preparing proposals, and mentoring.

Training programs and workshops for entrepreneurs, which were started in 2022, include training in application development, digital marketing and graphic design aimed at increasing the capacity of entrepreneurs, market access and product promotion, and increasing turnover.

The mentoring program was started in 2022 for business actors from the sub-district to the city level with a total of 80 mentors and a Business Clinic at the city level and each district.

Financing programs for creative actors and communities in 2022 were done through facilitating access to capital to banking financial institutions (Bank Jabar Banten, Bank Negara Indonesia 46, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Bank Mandiri) and non-banking institutions (Corporate Social Responsibility, FundEx, cooperatives, zakat institutions such as Baznas, Zakat Success, BMI Hidayatullah, Daruttauhid Peduli).

First, the creative industry incubation program in collaboration with the University of Indonesia is a follow-up to the flagship program to create 5000 new entrepreneurs/startups and 1000 women entrepreneurs starting in 2022 by the Office of Cooperatives and MSMEs.

Second, an employment training program in digital marketing, gastronomy, and fashion since 2021 by the Manpower Office aimed at job seekers and the unemployed.

Third, the construction of a public space in Depok City Square in 2022 which is used as a gathering place for children, the younger generation and the general public, was equipped with coworking space facilities, creative spaces, exhibition centers, sports (wall climbing, skateboarding, basketball, jogging track), and art spaces. This square is not only utilized by Depok residents, but also by residents outside Depok City. This square has an impact on the growth of other sectors such as gastronomy, craft and folk arts, performing arts, literature, and fashion shows.